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7.03 Patient Flow

Presented by: Dr Iain Wilkinson, Dr Aoife Lillis Broadcast date: 12th March 2019 In this episode we will be looking at the various aspects and important elements of patient flow Learning Outcomes Knowledge: To understand... Read More
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7.02 ‘Silver’ Trauma

Episode 7.02 ‘Silver Trauma’ or Trauma in older people Presented by: Dr Iain Wilkinson Faculty: Pam Trangmar, Dr Cathryn Mainwaring, Susan Hendrickson, Rebecca Norton Release Date: 26th Feb 2019 Social Media Iain: Functional decline or... Read More
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7.01 – Polypharmacy

Presented by: Dr Jo Preston, Dr Iain Wilkinson and Sam Lungu Faculty: Dr Dan Thomas, Sam Lungu, Mairead O’Malley Broadcast Date:  12th February 2019 In this episode we will be talking about how and why... Read More
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6.10 HIV in Older People

In this episode we will be looking at the diagnosis of HIV and its impact on older people.  To make the episode we have had the help of some wonderful friends of ours, they are:... Read More
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