In early 2016 we won the HEE London and South East Technology Enhanced Learning Prize. This was our poster.











  1. Preston, I. Wilkinson et al The MDTea podcast – multidisciplinary healthcare education in the 21st century. Physiotherapy November 2016; 102 Suppl 1. E91-92.  Poster is here
  2. I Wilkinson J Preston S J Ryan T Szekely P Trangmar A Buckler C WatsonW Grosvener L Frost F Scott. The mdtea podcast – a novel means of educating multi-disciplinary teams about ageing? Age and Ageing, Volume 46, Issue suppl_1, 1 May 2017, Pages i28–i30









Presentations at Conferences

  1. ASME – June – Exeter 2017 – MDTea Podcast – a supplemental learning tool for healthcare professionsals
    J Preston, I Wilkinson, T Moffatt, SJ Ryan, T Szekely, J Lelkes, P Trangmar, M O’Malley, W Grosvenor, C Watson









2. ASME – June – Exeter 2017 – Usage of additional learning materials accompanying a multiprofessional podcast
T Moffatt, I Wilkinson, J Preston, J Lelkes, M O’Malley, S Ryan, T Szekely, P Trangmar