Welcome to the first series of the MDTea podcast – A free open access series of podcasts for all healthcare professionals working with older adults. We will present the evidence base, recent advances and established best practice / wisdom in healthcare for older adults. Each episode will review an aspect of caring for older adults from the perspective of our MDT faculty.

In this first series we cover a range of important topics covering some of the core the knowledge and skills needed for looking after older people.

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Series 1

Episode 1.1 Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment 

Posted 19th January 2016








Episode 1.2: Delirium – Supportive Measures

Posted 2nd February 2016








Episode 1.3: Urinary Continence

Posted 16th February 2016







Episode 1.4: Communication in Cognitive Impairment

Posted 1st March 2016


Communicating in Cogn Imp






Episode 1.5: Falls – Acute Management

Posted 15th March 2016


Falls Sip






Episode 1.6: Capacity

Posted 29th March 2016


A sip of MDTea Episode 6- Capacity






Episode 1.7: Pain Management in Older People

Posted 12th April 2016

Sip of MDTea 7- Pain

Episode 1.8: Hydration

Posted 26th April


Sip of MDTea episode 8

Episode 1.9: Dizziness & Balance

Posted 10th May 2016


A Sip of MDTea Podcast - Episode 9


Episode 1.10: Rehabilitation Potential


Rehab Potential MDTea Sip 10