Audio-only version: Resources: National Osteoporosis Society guidance on exercise: Dietary calcium calculator: FRAX score: Q Fracture: MDTea Podcast episode on Bone health:

Audio-only version: Resources: Flowchart for acute and chronic causes of anaemia: Dietary advice for iron-deficiency anaemia: MDTea Podcast episode on Pragmatic Investigation:

Audio-only version: Resources: Table of age-related physiological changes: Polypharmacy guidance and tools: Beers Criteria: STOPP/ START: STOPPFrail: ACB calculators: MDTea Podcast episode on Polypharmacy:

Dear Everyone, Due to restrictions on unnecessary travel and meetings, as well as the increased clinical workload for some core faculty members, we are suspending all recordings until further notice. Luckily, we already have 2…