MDTea and CAKE – BGS Conference Autumn 2016

Welcome to this MDTea Conference and Knowledge Exchange Special from the Autumn 2016 BGS Conference in Glasgow.

We’ll talk you through some of our highlights include:

  • Community geriatrics and hospital at home models.
  • Telemedicine and the principles for setting this up and providing robust evaluation.
  • The National Hip Fracture Database and its impact on the care of paitents following a hip fracture.
  • Measuring postural BP.
  • Sarcopenia and frailty.
  • Strength and balance training.
  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (if you don’t know what this is… check out episode 1.1).
  • Use of patient feedback to develop understanding of patient experience.
  • Quality improvement projects on falling, risk feeding and diabetic control.

    Resources and links for this episode at our website:

    Iain and Jo are joined by:
    Jo Jennings, Advanced physiotherapy practitioner.
    Bryony Elliott, Consultant Orthogeriatrician
    Abigail Taylor, Nurse Practitioner for Older Adults
    Lorna Martin, Day Hospital Physiotherapist
    Lucy Loose, Older Persons Practitioner
    Annabel, OT on Older Adult ward.



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