MDTea’m’ Kindness

Series 13 – MDTea’m’ Kindness

Kindness to ourselves – Kindness to our team – Kindness to our patients

In this series we will be joined by some really, truly amazing guests.

We will take a deep dive into some breathing techniques you can use with your team, we will be guided on a journey about leadership in the smallest of actions, have a think about what kindness really is (and why it really matters) and how we manifest it at work.#

Frankly we don’t really know how it all fitted in!

The MDTea podcast was created to support people working with older adults across the breadth of health and social care. Our aim was, has been, and will always be to help these individuals work well within their teams through shared understanding of conditions, each other’s roles and how we can work best together as an MDT to improve the care of older adults we work with.

Following on from our first 10 series looking at ‘what we do’ – based on core topics and issues, series 11+12 focused on the ‘who does this’ exploring both community and hospital MDTs. Our next focus will be on the ‘how we do this’. An important component of this is the personal side of how –  how we work together in our teams? How can we look after ourselves and our teams so that we can keep doing our jobs well, for the long term, with the enjoyment and satisfaction of working with older adults?

Aims of this series


  • A better understanding of kindness when trying to be a leader in our ecosystem.
  • An improved understanding of the importance and utility of breathing work to modulate behaviour and feelings
  • Understand intention, action and impact. 


  • A ability to recall a number of breathing techniques to energise, restore and relax
  • A practical understanding of how we can lead through the smallest of actions and lived examples of these


  • To understand that care is something we have for ourselves, our patients and our team

How to approach this series

In this series there are a number of opportunities for you to answer questions and practice techniques with us as we go along.

In particular the aim of this series is the help us lead with kindness and reduce the stress that can occur at work for ourselves and out teams.

There are 2 parts to this:

  1. The breathing MOT – to be done at the start and end of the series (but you can do it more times)
  2. A before and after questionnaire for us to look at you personal stress levels at the start of the series and at week 10 when you will have heard about a whole host of tools you can use in your day to day life.

These surveys are here:

Show notes

These are a little different this time around as the series is slightly different.

Here are the references we mention in each episode – we will update this with more details as the series progresses.


Breathing Techniques

During this series we are teaching you a series of breathing techniques. This section on each episode is taught by Jess Holiday from ‘Be Here Well’. For more information about Jess and what she does click here.

You may want to go back and just listen to these on their own (rather than the whole episodes). If you would like to do this if you complete the question below you will be sent a link to a specific page on our website where Jess has collated loads more information about all things breathing including: some of the evidence behind the techniques, a summary of the physiological changes, all of our breathing segments on their own for you to play to others, links to your own breath MOT recorder and loads of other cool stuff!

Quiet Leadership

Within this series we are also spending some time with Julian Stodd from Sea Salt Learning.

Julian has been kind enough to work with us on this series and explore the idea of quiet leadership – a leadership journey in the smallest of actions. You will hear more as we talk about humility, kindness, fairness and grace during the episodes. For more information about Julian and his team follow the links below:

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