Explore the projects we’ve developed outside of the MDTea as part of the Hearing Aid Podcasts family

3 part educational series for training in use of the SBAR tool in care homes

Podcast episodes from Brighton and Sussex medical students developed on one of the student selected components of the course

Our MDTea books are a way for you to revisit key topics in elderly care and are packed with information, our infographics and QR codes so you can listen to related episodes wherever you are. 

Our first book ‘An MDTea guide to caring for older adults with cognitive impairment’ is available now! Click the book to download it now.

Med Reg News is aimed at doctors in training covering key areas of Gastro, cardiology and Geriatrics specialty training. We’ve spoken to some of the brightest and most experienced consultants in the country to help you grapple with the toughest topics you might face on the wards, and our aim is to break them down into manageable, bite-sized chunks.